An Honest Review of Worlds No 1 Refurbished Products Seller: Is It Worth the Price? Is It Reliable?

Customer Feedback about Renewed and Refurbished Products

There are three types of products available at renewed: Unboxed Products, Refurbished Products, and Pre-owned Products.  However, they promises to serve all the items like new and also you will have a guarantee of returning if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

But still, people ask a common question. Are renewed products suitable? Are they reliable? We analyzed customer reviews, and here, we will share what we got from Renewed Review. 

During our extensive investigation, we chose a few of the most popular categories and read as many evaluations as possible before segmenting them down below.

Renewed Phones Review

After hitting the search bar with the keyword renewed you will have the category page where renewed phones are listed on the top. You will get around 20-30 items in this category. 15-20 Phones are listed on 4+ reviews where the lowest review count is a hundred plus, and the highest reviews item has 40,000 plus reviews. Moreover, all the things you will find are flagship phones from the giant company Apple and Samsung.

Analyzing the highest review item, we found 65% 5-star reviews 13% 4-star reviews. That means a large number of people are satisfied with the product and service.

Customers’ most common problems that bring this item below four stars are battery life, display problem, and never switching on the issue. However, they returned the item and received the money back.

Renewed iPhones

iPhones are the hot selling item in this segment. Most of them are certified refurbished and come with a 90 days guarantee. 60-70% of people are satisfied with their purchase. Sometimes it rises above 70%.

An approximate purchase count is above 120,000, where around 70% of people are satisfied with their purchase.

Renewed PC Review

It’s a significant segment with big brands like HP, Dell, Apple, and more. Both desktop and laptops are available here. Although it is a considerable segment, the purchase and review count is less than the mobile phone segment.

We found only one item, which has an overall review of 3.6 out of five. 49% of people were satisfied and gave it 5 star. The other products have 60-80% positive feedback from the customer.

Renewed Desktop Review

Desktops are getting the most positive feedback on this segment. Flagship desktops at a significantly low price are the main attraction here. 65-67% of people are given five stars with complete satisfaction. Dell and HP are ruling this segment.

Renewed Laptop Review

Apple, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Acer, and Lenovo are available in this list with reputation. All of them have a 4-star above review percentage, which brings faith to customers. A common problem we get from the study is scratches and abuse of the product.

Renewed MacBook Reviews

People are looking for more MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air as they can avail themselves of one at a 60-70% low rate. But the availability is less than the other brands. The number can change anytime, but you can get three deals on this product right now with 67.66% 5-star reviews.

Renewed Home & Kitchen Appliances Review

Most of the products on renewed are electronics. In this segment, you will get the electronic types of machinery for the home and kitchen. Cookers, grinder, food processor, coffee makers are famous here. But you can also get purifiers, vacuum cleaning machines, ovens, and fryers.

Covering all the types is quite challenging for these categories, but after checking 115 products briefly, we found five products below 4% star and one product with one star.

However, we found a few controllers, switchboards, and circuit boards with no reviews. But the hot-selling goods have a good sale review which is above 70%.

Renewed Headphones & Accessories Review

Headphones are divided into their own category. In the Computer section, you will find accessories. Some of them are under the category of Home and Kitchen. In the Kitchen area, we identified many accessories that had no reviews. However, computer accessories are pretty popular in the renewed segment.

We found around fifty headphones in the Headphone category, where 5-6 headphones have a below-four average. Great brands like Beats, Sony, and Skullcandy, are getting above 4% star here, which is quite impressive.

Cameras and Other Renewed Products Review

The camera category can offer DSLR, Mirrorless cameras, and lenses but CCTV cameras have a significant market here. Mini cameras, drones, and webcams are also available at a great price. 4 products are below the 3-star average within 90+ products.

Other renewed products include home entertainment, tools, lawn and garden, gaming, tablets, and office equipment. These categories cover a few types of items, but great deals could be found here also.

Here we also get a 60 to 70 percent satisfaction rate and some unique, essential goods are available at the tool section.


Although we found many people who are not satisfied with their purchase, a significant number managed an excellent deal with complete satisfaction, which has been legit after doing renewed review. As you buy a pre-owned, unboxed, or refurbished item, there is quite a chance of having scratches, which I think is normal. However, the overall scenario is impressive.

They have strict guidelines for the sellers, and it is not a walk in the park to become a renewed seller. That’s why the number of satisfactory purchases is high, and the 4-star giving clients can be considered here as their goods are working nicely. So, finding a great deal at renewed is always appreciable.

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